Social and educational programs

Club «Day center»

Keep your head up, live and be glad for every day! – is a motto of the club «Day center».

In spring 2001 the club «Day center» welcomed warmly their participants.
Its first visitor was a group from Saksahanskyi district.

The opening day was a joy for its participants, who due to circumstances were deprived of the opportunity to live an active lifestyle. Both for the members of the CF, who try to help people of “golden age”, lonely and sedentary people to overcome the lack of communication and to have a possibility of self-realization.

Today 7 groups according to the city districts are created. And there are more than 200 participants!

In the "Day center" the following divisions work on a constant basis:

  • the history and traditions of the Jewish people;
  • Literature university;
  • Art studio;
  • School of health;
  • Video club;
  • Valeological page
  • Entertainment programs.

The club has a good material basis. Both in heat and in cold the club bus hurries to the addresses.

The club «Tiferet» - «Harmony»

«Care, attention and support to everybody»

The club for handicapped people «Tiferet» helps to overcome loneliness, to feel own necessity, importance and belonging to the team. In fact, each of them has their own difficulties, own problems, own difficult fates, own stories.

The members of the club have a possibility under the guidance of the specialists to perfect their physical skills, to develop their abilities in the visual and applied arts, to meet with poets, artists, to take part in the art life of the foundation, to communicate with each other. When it is possible, to obtain professional skills, to realize own plans and dreams.

We all together try to make the club become a source of light, warmth and unlimited possibilities for these people!

The club «Yakhad» - «Together»

The center of spiritual life in the CF «Hesed Hana» is the club "Yakhad", where there are many clubs, where everybody will find something for themselves:

  • Literature saloon;
  • Literature cafe;
  • Musical saloon;
  • Yiddish club «Menora»;
  • Women’s club «Yudif»;
  • The club of Jewish intellectual crowd «Alef»;
  • movie club «Retro»
  • There is even own Jewish theater «Shtetl».

Jewish holidays are held, the culture and traditions are revived. A lot of readers use services of the khesed library. Its wealth is more than 1,500 volumes of books!




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